The Socialist Register 2016

The Politics of the Right

Edited by Greg Albo and Leo Panitch  

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The fifty-second edition in the highly popular Socialist Register series focuses on the political forces and parties of the Right, seeking to shed light on their social base, organizational strength and range and influence on mainstream parties and opinions. Subsequent chapters look at the degree to which the Right has penetrated state institutions, the impact of the free movement of capital and the liberalization of domestic markets. Finally, contributors to The Politics of the Right examine the probability and dangers of a renewed rise of fascism and outline ways that the Left should respond to the challenges and dangers posed by the Right.

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  • The Politics of the Right maps the rise of neo-fascist, anti-immigration and socially conservative populist movements since the financial crash of 2008, seeking to define their ideology, assess their prospects and place them within a context of rapid political fragmentation. Global in scope, there are helpful articles on the right wing forces in power and opposition in India, central and southern Africa, Brazil, Israel, North America and Japan. But the core of the book is about Europe. And although their answers vary, contributors ask the same set of questions.

    — David Edgar, Race & Class, June 2016 (full review)


  • Neoliberalism and popular racism: the shifting shape of the European right (Liz Fekete)
  • Ukip and the crisis of Britain (Richard Seymour)
  • The far right in France: the Front National in European perspective (Michael Löwy & Francis Sitel)
  • Europe at the crossroads: right populism and reactionary rebellion (Walter Baier)
  • Fascism then and now (Geoff Eley)
  • Ethnicism after nationalism: the roots of the new European right (G.M. Tamás)
  • Capitalism and the politics of the far right (Richard Saull)
  • Russia and Ukraine: oligarchic capitalism, conservative statism and right nationalism (Alexander Buzgalin & Andre Kolgonov)
  • India: Liberal democracy and the extreme right (Aijaz Ahmad)
  • An arc of authoritarianism in Africa: toward the end of a liberal democratic dream? (David Moore)
  • Stars and Bars: Understanding Right-Wing Populism in the USA (Bill Fletcher, Jr.)
  • Brazil: the failure of the PT and the rise of the ‘new right’ (Alfredo Saad-Filho & Armando Boito)
  • Latin American States and the Politics of the Right Today (Nicola Short)
  • Chauvinist nationalism in Japan’s schizophrenic state (Gavan McCormack)
  • Israel’s hegemonic right (Avishai Ehrlich)
  • The American right: from margins to mainstream (Doug Henwood)
  • ‘Stars and Bars’: understanding right-wing populism in the USA (; Bill Fletcher, Jr.)
  • The times and spaces of right populism: from Paris to Toronto (Stefan Kipfer & Parastou Saberi)
  • Policing with impunity (Lesley Wood)
  • The surveillance state (Reg Whitaker)
  • The dilemmas and potentials of the left: learning from Syriza (The surveillance state)
  • References


  • Greg Albo

    York University

    Greg Albo teaches political economy at the Department of Political Science, York University, Toronto. He is currently co-editor of the Socialist Register. He is also on the editorial boards of Studies in Political Economy, Relay, Capitalism, Nature, Socialism, Canadian Dimension, The Bullet and Historical Materialism (England). Co-editor of A Different Kind of State: Popular Power and Democratic Administration and author of numerous articles in journals such as Studies in Political Economy, Socialist Register, Canadian Dimension, and Monthly Review.

  • Leo Panitch

    York University

    Leo Panitch was a Distinguished Research Professor, renowned political economist, Marxist theorist and editor of the Socialist Register. He received a B.A. (Hons.) from the University of Manitoba in 1967 and a M.Sc.(Hons.) and PhD from the London School of Economics and Political Science in 1968 and 1974, respectively. He was a Lecturer, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor and Professor at Carleton University between 1972 and 1984. He was a Professor of Political Science at York University since 1984. He was the Chair of the Department of Political Science at York from 1988-1994. He was the General Co-editor of State and Economic Life series, U. of T. Press, from 1979 to 1995 and is the Co-founder and a Board Member of Studies in Political Economy. He was also the author of numerous articles and books dealing with political science including The End of Parliamentary Socialism (1997). He was a member of the Movement for an Independent and Socialist Canada, 1973-1975, the Ottawa Committee for Labour Action, 1975-1984, the Canadian Political Science Association, the Committee of Socialist Studies, the Marxist Institute and the Royal Society of Canada. He was an ardent supporter of the Socialist Project.

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