The Politics of Restorative Justice, Second Edition

A Critical Introduction

By Andrew Woolford and Amanda Nelund  

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In this updated edition of The Politics of Restorative Justice, Andrew Woolford and Amanda Nelund reconsider restorative justice and its politics and ask how restorative justice might work better to provide transformative justice. To achieve a transformative justice, Woolford and Neulund argue, restorative justice must be concerned with class-based, gendered, racialized and other injustices.

This second edition expands on how intersecting socio-political contexts — gendered, racialized, settler colonial, hetero-normative and others — contour the practice and potential of restorative justice. In addition to updated examples and data, this edition discusses the embodied and emotional politics of restorative justice, transformative restorative justice and other-than-human actors/ecological justice.

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  • May 2020
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  • What Are the Politics of Restorative Justice?
  • What Events Trigger a Restorative Response?
  • Delineating the Restorative Justice Ethos
  • Restorative Justice Styles
  • Constructing Restorative Justice Identities
  • Restorative Justice Contexts
  • Restorative Justice Criticisms
  • Transformation and the Politics of Restorative Justice
  • References
  • Index


  • Andrew Woolford

    Andrew Woolford is Associate Professor of Sociology at the University of Manitoba. He is author of Between Justice and Certainty: Treaty Making in British Columbia (2005) and co-author of Informal Reckonings: Con-flict Resolution in Mediation, Restorative Justice, and Reparations (with R.S. Ratner, 2008).

  • Amanda Nelund

    Amanda Nelund is an assistant professor in the Sociology Department at MacEwan University. Her articles have appeared in journals such as Restorative Justice: An International Journal and Radical Criminology.

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