The New Commune-ist Manifesto

Workers of the World, It Really Is Time to Unite

By Ernesto (Ernie) Raj Peshkov-Chow  

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If Marx were alive today and asked to write a new edition of The Communist Manifesto, how would it be different from the original, composed 165 years ago? The New Commune-ist Manifesto is an updated version of Marx’s original, written by an environmentally conscious working-class activist. While following the spirit of the old, this version is written for the twenty-first-century working class and transforms the original from a historical document into a call-to-action to build an economic system based on economic democracy and ecological sustainability.

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  • Preface - Why a New Manifesto?
  • Conversation with Ernie
  • The New Manifesto
  • The Old Manifesto
  • Another Conversation with Ernie


  • Ernesto (Ernie) Raj Peshkov-Chow

    The author of the New Commune-ist Manifesto, Ernesto (Ernie) Raj Peshkov-Chow, is an avatar of the international working class. He is all of us and yet none of us. He is the ideal post-ethnic internationalist, working-class militant. First created by Gary Engler, in writing the New Manifesto Ernie was also directed by Al Engler, Jean Rands and Yves Engler. These four have over 150 years of class struggle among them. Gary, currently an elected full-time union officer with British Columbia’s Media Union, is the author of The Year We Became Us, a novel about the 1962 Saskatchewan doctors strike. Al is a retired former maritime workers union local president and the author of Economic Democracy — a working class alternative to capitalism. Jean was a founder in the 1970s of the first feminist union in Canada. Yves, who currently works for one of Canada’s largest national unions, is the author of seven books, including Stop Signs — cars and capitalism on the road to economic, social and ecological decay and The Ugly Canadian — Stephen Harper’s foreign policy.

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