The Healing Journey

Intimate Partner Abuse and Its Implications in the Labour Market

By Linda DeRiviere  

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The Healing Journey offers a startling analysis of intimate partner abuse and its negative effects on women’s earnings, education and vocational training as well as in the labour market itself. Victims of abuse often suffer from chronic physical and mental health issues, which impede their participation in the labour market. Based on findings from a seven-wave study coordinated by RESOLVE, a family violence research centre housed in universities across the prairie provinces, the goal of this book is to advance a social scientific understanding of women’s employment status and barriers to participation, occupations, household income sources and vocational training outcomes over the course of a woman’s journey to heal from intimate partner abuse.

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  • ISBN: 9781773633954
  • July 2020
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  • Introduction and Methodology
  • Employment Participation
  • Education and Training
  • Employment Earnings, Household Income and Occupational Location in the Labour Market
  • The Role of Physical and Mental Health Issues in Employment Participation, Education and Training
  • Aspirations and Outcomes: Education and Employment
  • Selected Estimates of the Costs of Intimate Partner Violence
  • The Policy Environment


  • Linda DeRiviere

    Linda DeRiviere is an associate professor of public policy and public administration at the University of Winnipeg, in the Department of Political Science.

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