The Global Women’s Movement

Origins, Issues and Strategies

By Peggy Antrobus  

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The spread and consolidation of the women’s movement in North and South over the past 30 years looks set to shape the course of social progress over the next generation. The author draws on her long experience of feminist activism to set women’s movements in their changing national and global context. Her analysis will be an invaluable aid to reflection and action for the next generation of women as they carry through the unfinished business of women’s emancipation.

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  • Peggy Antrobus

    Peggy Antrobus was born in Grenada and educated there and in St. Lucia and St. Vincent. She holds a bachelor’s degree in economics, a professional certificate in social work and a doctorate in education. She has been employed in government and NGO programmes in St. Vincent, Jamaica and Barbados.

    Since 1974, when she was appointed as Advisor on Women’s Affairs to the Government of Jamaica, she has worked in the field of Women in Development. In 1987 she set up the Women and Development Unit (WAND) within the School of Continuing Studies at the University of the West Indies (UWI) and was its head until her retirement in 1995.

    She was a founding member of CAFRA (the Caribbean Association for Feminist Research and Action). She was also a founding member of DAWN, the network of Third World women promotiong Development Alternatives with Women for a New Era; its Coordinator 1990-96; and on its Steering Committee 1990-2004.

    She has written and spoken on a number of topics related to the issues of women in development, and women’s organizing, and has contributed to various publications on these topics.

    Her recent work focuses on the impact of government policies on women, and the ways in which these policies reflect globacl trends. She has a special interest in transformational leadership in the women’s movement. She describes women who exhibit this kind of leadership as feminists with a passion for justice and a commitment to change things and change themselves.

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