The Daughter Who Walked Away

By Kimia Eslah  

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Estranged from her abusive parents as a teenager, Taraneh Pourani overcame poverty, isolation and self-hatred to build a happy home with her loving husband and children. Triggered by her young sons’ annual visit with their grandparents, Taraneh becomes psychologically distressed. She begins to doubt her memories and question her decision to remain distanced from her aging parents.

A journey into Taraneh’s family history reveals three generations of unaddressed mental illness and unresolved childhood trauma. Due to poverty in early twentieth-century Iran, Taraneh’s grandmother, Batoul, is married at the age of nine and sent to live with her husband’s family. Ashamed and traumatized, Batoul raises her children to expect hardships and to endure them in secret. The seeds of dysfunction are planted in Mojegan, Taraneh’s mother. Mojegan is a nurse in Tehran in the 1960s when she marries the charming, but alcoholic and impulsive, Reza. She stands by Reza throughout their marriage, even after he abruptly kicks out their teenage daughter, Taraneh.

A powerful and beautiful debut novel by Kimia Eslah, The Daughter Who Walked Away explores the lives of three Iranian women, across three generations, as they struggle to love and be loved unconditionally.

Roseway Publishing
  • Fiction
  • ISBN: 9781773631646
  • October 2019
  • 310 Pages
  • $22.00
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  • EPUB
  • ISBN: 9781773631653
  • November 2019
  • $21.99
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  • Kindle
  • ISBN: 9781773631660
  • November 2019
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  • Kimia Eslah

    Kimia Eslah is a feminist, queer writer who lives in Ontario, Canada. Born in Iran following its revolution, Kimia spent her early years as a refugee in New Delhi, India, before emigrating to Toronto with her parents and three siblings. Her formative years were spent downtown, in the valley and on the sidewalks, where she played pool, read classics and took up other bad habits. Later, Kimia found her calling as an instructional designer, producing training programs and course materials in various sectors. She dedicated her thirties to raising her son and community building. Today, she spends her days writing and thinking about writing. Kimia lives with the love of her life, Andrew, her son and their three cats.

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