The Class Politics of Law

Essays Inspired by Harry Glasbeek

Edited by Judy Fudge and Eric Tucker  

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For nearly fifty years, Professor Harry Glasbeek has been at the forefront of legal scholars and public intellectuals challenging assumptions and understandings about the injustices embedded in the economic, social, political and legal orders of Western capitalist democracies. His writings and teachings have influenced generations of law students, academics and activists.

The Class Politics of Law brings together eleven incisive contributions from pre-eminent scholars across several disciplines activated by the same desire for democracy and justice that Glasbeek advances, showing how capitalism shapes the law and how the law protects capitalism. This collection foregrounds a class analysis of the law’s responses to corporate killing, workplace violence, surveillance, worker resistance and income inequality, among other issues.

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  • Law with Class (Eric Tucker and Judy Fudge)
  • Speaking the Truth Against Power (Julian Sempill)
  • High-End Inequality (Neil Brooks)
  • The Changing Workplace Revisited (Keith Ewing)
  • Regulating to Prevent Workplace Violence (Katherine Lippel)
  • Corporate Killing Personified (Steven Bittle, Steve Tombs and David Whyte)
  • Tightening the screws on the 99% (Laureen Snider)
  • Labour and Law in Industrialization (Douglas Hay)
  • The First Smith Act Trial and the Rule of Law (Bryan Palmer)
  • Cultural Heritage, the Right to the City, and the Marxist Critique of Law (Christine Sypnowich)
  • Afterword (Ron McCallum)
  • References
  • Index
  • Appendix: Principal Works of Harry Glasbeek


  • Judy Fudge

    Judy Fudge is a socio-legal scholar at the School of Labour Studies, McMaster University.

  • Eric Tucker

    Eric Tucker is a professor of law at York University.

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