The Winona LaDuke Chronicles

Stories from the Front Lines in the Battle for Environmental Justice

by Winona LaDuke  

Chronicles is a major work, a collection of current, pressing and inspirational stories of Indigenous communities from the Canadian subarctic to the heart of Dine Bii Kaya, Navajo Nation.

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  • January 2017
  • ISBN: 9781552669594
  • 312 pages
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  • EPUB May 2017
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About the book

Chronicles is a major work, a collection of current, pressing and inspirational stories of Indigenous communities from the Canadian subarctic to the heart of Dine Bii Kaya, Navajo Nation. Chronicles is a book literally risen from the ashes—beginning in 2008 after her home burned to the ground—and collectively is an accounting of Winona’s personal path of recovery, finding strength and resilience in the writing itself as well as in her work. Long awaited, Chronicles is a labour of love, a tribute to those who have passed on and those yet to arrive.

Indigenous Resistance & Decolonization

What people are saying

Huffington Post

“Winona LaDuke’s latest book reads like a prayer. These are holy words— inspirational stories taken straight from the heart of indigenous communities throughout the world…(Chronicles) is lyrical, instructional, and infused with wry humor when the weight of the message becomes unbearable…LaDuke provides a road map through tribal nations’ belief systems; offering a spiritual compass and invaluable insight into the relationship of prophesy to the realities of climate change, economic collapse, food scarcity and basic human rights.”


Winona LaDuke

A two-time Green Party vice presidential candidate, author of five books of nonfiction, one children’s book and a novel, Winona LaDuke is one of the world’s most tireless and charismatic leaders on issues related to climate change, Indigenous and human rights, green and rural economies, grass-roots organizing and restoring local food systems over a career spanning nearly forty years of activism.


  • Akiing Biiboonong
  • Madeline Island
  • The Cheyenne, Spirit Mountain, Minnesota Power and Glencore
  • Crow & Lummi
  • Oil, Gas, Corruption and Change in Mandan, Hidatsa and Arikara Territory
  • In the Time of Monster Slayers
  • The Nur and the People
  • In the Time of the Sacred Places
  • The Heavy Haul Comes to Town
  • Treaties in the New Millennium Binaakwe’O Giizis 5, Moon of the Falling Leaves
  • In the Moon of the Falling Leaves
  • On the Irish, the Potato and the Choctaw
  • Desmond Tutu and Me
  • Money Corrupts Elections
  • Indigenous Peoples Day
  • Iron Eyes and Obama: Putting Our Minds Together
  • How Do We Treat IMILS (Indian Mascot Identity Loss Syndrome)?
  • Taos Pueblo
  • My Recommended Daily Allowance of Radiation
  • On Somali Pirates and the Joy of Fixing Things
  • Recovering from Drama of Election
  • Remorse and Gratitude
  • The Iroquois Nationals at the World Lacrosse Championships
  • Maori Warrior Hone Harawira
  • Remembering Jancita Eagle Deer
  • In Praise of the Leadership of Indigenous Women (for Vandana Shiva)
  • Canada Escalates War on First Nations
  • When the Natives Are Restless
  • The Spirit Bear and the Pipeline
  • A Pipeline Runs Through It
  • The Enbridge Way: Lack of a Safety Culture and Eminent Domain
  • When Treaties Matter: Manoomin
  • Native People, the KXL, the Cowboy and Indian Alliance and the Constitution
  • Enbridge Plays Unfunny Game with Oil Pipeline
  • Facing Pipelines and Mines, Tribal Governments Push Ahead
  • Enbridge Epiphany
  • Dear Governor Dayton
  • Marijuana, Hemp and Indian Country
  • GMOs, Organics and Our Harvests
  • Eat, Pray, Farm
  • Randy Kapashesit
  • For Peter Matthiesson
  • Russell Means
  • Mushkooub Aubid
  • A Song for Hugo Chavez
  • What Would Ingrid Do?
  • Time to Call the Indian Wars to an End
  • The Militarization of Indian Country
  • Native Land in the Crosshairs
  • Aloha Aina
  • Emma: From a Tipi to a Tesla


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