Take Back The Fight

Organizing Feminism for the Digital Age

By Nora Loreto  

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Two decades of neoliberalism have destroyed a structured, pan-regional feminist movement in Canada. As a result, new generations of feminists have come to age without ever seeing the force that an organized social movement can have in democratic society. They have never benefited from the knowledge, the debates, the actions, the mass mobilizations or the leadership that all accompany a social movement and instead organize in decentralized silos. As a result, government and corporate leaders have co-opted feminism to turn it into something that can be bought, sold, or used to attract voters. Campaigns like #BeenRapedNeverReported, #MeToo, the SlutWalks and the Canadian Women’s marches, while important, don’t yet have the organized power to bring the changes that activists seek to make in society.

In Take Back The Fight, Nora Loreto examines the state of modern feminism in Canada and argues that feminists must organize to take back feminism from politicians, business leaders and journalists who distort and obscure its power. Furthermore, Loreto urges today’s activists to overcome the challenges that sank the movement decades ago, to stop centering whiteness as the quintessential woman’s experience, and to find ways to rebuild the communities that have been obliterated by neoliberal economic policies.

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  • White supremacy and the first feminist waves in Canada
  • Neoliberalism and a decline in activism
  • The importance of debate
  • Finding the right debate location
  • Ad hoc organizing versus community resistance
  • Accountable leadership
  • Feminist opposition to government
  • The digital era
  • Making anti-capitalist, anti-racist feminism mainstream
  • Conclusion
  • References
  • Index


  • Nora Loreto

    Nora Loreto is a writer and activist from Quebec City. She writes regularly for the National Observer, The Washington Post and many other publications. She’s the editor of the Canadian Association of Labour Media, and, with Sandy Hudson, she hosts a popular podcast called “Sandy and Nora Talk Politics.” She is also the author of From Demonized to Organized: Building the New Union Movement.

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