Stitched Up

The Anti-Capitalist Book of Fashion

By Tansy E. Hoskins  

Paperback $24.95

Stitched Up delves into the exclusive and alluring world of fashion to expose class division, gender stereotyping and wasteful consumption. Tansy E. Hoskins illuminates the political and sociological dimensions of an industry that promotes and supports the dominant values of our age: image, glamour, money and sex. Hoskins also provides a fascinating historical narrative, showing that in today’s world, the clothes we wear are as indicative of who we are as they were during the reign of Louis XIV.

Hoskins tackles key contemporary issues, such as the controversy over “size zero” and the impact of fashion in depleting the world’s natural resources. In a provocative move, Hoskins argues that fashion controls our aspirations and self-worth through a set of impossible beauty standards. At a time when high spending on clothes persists despite the economic recession, Stitched Up provides a unique critical examination of fashion in relation to contemporary culture and the distorting priorities of capitalism.

  • EPUB
  • ISBN: 9781552666968
  • April 2014
  • For sale in Canada

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  • Introduction
  • The Road to Linkenholt
  • The Fashion Media
  • Consuming Fashion
  • Fashion and Labour
  • A Bitter Harvest
  • Fashion and Size
  • Is Fashion Racist?
  • Resisting Fashion
  • Reforming Fashion
  • Revolutionizing Fashion


  • Tansy E. Hoskins

    Tansy E. Hoskins is a writer, commentator and activist. She has worked for the Stop the War Coalition, CND and Respect.

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