Stand Together or Fall Apart

Professionals Working with Immigrant Families

By Judith K.  Bernhard  

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Immigration is an important topic that continues to appear in news reports across Western countries. However, few reports examine what adjusting and integrating into a new country means for immigrant families. The traditional strategy employed by social workers, teachers and other social service practitioners is decidedly Euro-centric and treats immigrants as if they have little cultural or community-based means of integrating of their own. Judith K. Bernhard argues that immigrants have deep cultural, familial and communal resources to aid their integration and that these resources need to be tapped by social workers, teachers, counsellors, settlement workers, early childhood educators and child and youth care workers alike. Providing several alternative, integrated, research-based programs that combine cultural resources, traditions and family dynamics, Stand Together or Fall Apart will help practitioners to better understand the struggles of immigrants and thus be better able to assist them as they adjust to life in a new country.

“With its comprehensive approach and practical and applied focus, Stand Together or Fall Apart is a unique resource that should be in arms-reach of every professional dealing with immigrants and their children in Canada.”

— Harald Bauder, Academic Director of the Ryerson Centre for Immigtation and Settlement

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  • Part 1—Brave New World: Realities of International Immigration Why this Book Matters
  • Meet the Neighbours: How New Migration Patterns are Redefining our Society
  • Uncomfortable Truths: How our Social and Legal Systems are Failing Newcomer Families in the Face of Change
  • Voices That Have Been Silenced: Day-to-Day Struggles of Newcomers to Western Cultures
  • Part 2—Reclaiming Our Future: Exploring New Paradigms of Collaboration and Inclusion with Immigrant Children and Families
  • Thinking Outside of the Box: Theoretical Frameworks for Meaningful Dialogue and Intervention with Immigrant Children and Families
  • How Schools are Labelling Newcomer Children: What is “Normal”? The Example of Latinos
  • Shifting the Focus: Identifying Present and Potential Strengths of Newcomer Children and Families
  • Part 3—Becoming the Change We Seek Building Bridges: A Typology of Intervention Programs Involving Immigrant Families
  • Newcomer Parents as Conscious, Active Participants in their Children’s Education: Personal Initiatives With Newcomer Families
  • Empowerment is a Verb: Putting These Ideas To Work
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  • Judith K.  Bernhard

    JUDITH K. BERNHARD is a professor in the School of Early Childhood Education, Faculty of Community Services, Ryerson University.

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