Social Torment

Atlantic Canada in the New World Order

By Thom Workman  

Paperback $19.95

For Atlantic Canadians the much vaunted “New World Order,” with its free-trade/privitazion mantra, has been anything but good. In fact by all accounts to date, it has brought nothing but social torment for all but the very rich and very powerful.

In this revealing new book, Thom Workman traces the impact that the new order has had on working people, the working poor, people on social assistance and the elderly. The impact of the new order on health care, education, the environment and the Atlantic Canadian economy in general has been little short of devastating. For all of us who have been continually bombarded with the “good times” ideology, this book will bring a measure of truth. Workman challenges us to release ourselves from the mystifying clutches of this new ideology. As the corporate elite forges ahead in their quest for ever-increasing profits, the masses of people who are the victims of the drive for profits must ally to struggle for an economic and political order that puts human needs ahead of corporate greed.

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  • Globalization and Atlantic Canada
  • Wither the Fordist Worker
  • The Expansion of the Working Poor
  • The Creation of Quiet Desperation
  • The Gathering Politics of Globalization
  • Bibliography


  • Thom Workman

    Thom Workman received a PhD from York University. He is Professor of Political Science at University of New Brunswick - Fredericton. His research interests include political and social thought, critical political discourses, Marxism and labour history. He is currently involved in research projects on the political and social thought of A.N. Whitehead, ancient Greek thought on war and empire, and imperialism and Canada. Thom teaches courses on literature and politics, alternative political communities, alienation, modern political theory, political leadership, and conflict studies.

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