Screening Justice

Canadian Crime Films, Culture and Society

Edited by Steven Kohm, Sonia Bookman and Pauline Greenhill  

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What do Canadian films say about crime and justice in Canada? What purpose to Canadian crime films serve politically and culturally?

Screening Justice is a scholarly exploration of films that focus on crime and justice in Canada. Crime films are pivotal for understanding and shaping Canadian sensibilities by setting out widely available templates for thinking about crime and justice in Canadian society.

Spanning disciplines and examining films from across Canada, Screening Justice is the first comprehensive Canadian volume on crime films that takes up cultural criminology’s call for more critical scholarly analyses of the interplay between crime, culture and society.

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  • December 2016
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  • Contributors
  • Preface and Acknowledgements
  • Ideology, Popular Criminology and Place in Canadian Crime Films (Steven A. Kohm, Sonia Bookman & Pauline Greenhill)
  • Part 1: Place and community: Borders, Frontiers and Boundaries
  • The Wild (North) West: Chinese Immigration, Crime and the Canadian Border in Film (Philippa Gates)
  • Show Your Face; Racialization of War Crimes in the NFB’s “The Mask of Nippon” (1942) (Chikako Nagayama)
  • A History of Settlement Ten Years Later: Revisiting Cronenberg’s “A History of Violence” (Richard Jochelson)
  • Rogues with a Room of Their Own: Comedy and the Promise of Restorative Justice in Newfoundland Film (John Hoben)
  • The Mean Streets of Winnipeg: Entanglements of Crime and Place (Sonia Bookman and James Gacek)
  • Contested Communities: Nathaniel Geary’s “On the Corner” and the Social Construction of Deviant Places (Alicia Horton)
  • Part 2: Genres and Genders: The Seductions, Productions and Consumption of Crime
  • Bon Cop, Bad Cop: Fighting Crime across the Two Solitudes (Andrea Braithwaite)
  • Shooting Gansters in the Great White North (Anita Lam)
  • Death Hunt: The Mounties Meet the Conspiracy Thriller (Greg Marquis)
  • Cronaca Noir: The Circulation and Production of Italian Crime Films in Quebec in the 1970s (Nick Shaw)
  • Evil Has a Beautiful Face: Exploitation Within and Beyond the Narrative of Joel Bender’s “Karla” (Daniel Sacco and Vincent F. Sacco)
  • Le Piège d’Issoudun: Fairy-Tale Murder (Pauline Greenhill)
  • Part 3: Criminology and Criminal Justice: Etiology, Institutions and the Law
  • “I want you to live by the justice code”: Prisonization and Carceral Regimes in the films of Clement Virgo (Andrea Medovarski)
  • Roxie Hart Wasn’t Welcome in Winnipeg: Film Censorship, Nationalism and Hegemony in Manitoba, 1916-1950 (George Buri)
  • “The Great Canadian Mystery”: Cinematic Representations of the Death of Tom thomson and the Manufacuture of Signal Crime (Adie Nelson and Joshua Nelson)s
  • “Grab Some Wall”: “A Man in Uniform”, Metropolitan Toronto and the Fog of the Street (Michael Arntfield)
  • Reconciliation and Justice in Zacharias Kunuk’s “Atanarjuat: The Fast Runner” (Anne Brydon)
  • Index


  • Steven Kohm

    Steven Kohm is an associate professor at the University of Winnipeg.

  • Sonia Bookman

    Sonia Bookman is an assistant professor of sociology at the University of Manitoba.

  • Pauline Greenhill

    Pauline Greenhill is a professor at the University of Winnipeg.

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