Tackling environmental racism in Canada (2023)

There’s Something In The Water

Environmental Racism in Indigenous & Black Communities

by Ingrid R. G. Waldron  

Scholarship doesn’t often lead to direct policy impact, but the community-based participatory research project Environmental Noxiousness, Racial Inequities, and Community Health, or ENRICH, has been a catalyst for real-world change in Canada. Founded by health sociologist Ingrid R. G. Waldron, the project led to her writing There’s Something in the Water, a 2018 monograph on environmental racism that gave momentum to multiple efforts trying to reverse conditions that had caused long-term health damage in Indigenous and Black communities in Nova Scotia. In 2020, the book became a Netflix documentary, codirected by the Nova Scotia native Elliot Page and his close friend and collaborator, the filmmaker Ian Daniel.

Please see the full review on the Harvard Public Health Magazine website.

— Harvard Public Health Magazine



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