Review of Bankruptcies and Bailouts by 410 Media

At this point, the mainstream media keeps reporting dubious reports about how the economic crisis is slowly on the mend. So the question going into reading this book is at this point is what do I have to gain from reading it? It seems quite a lot.

Inspired by a public forum in Winnipeg in late 2008, this book is collections of essays, mostly by economist, where they explore the causes of the current economic crisis, the government response to the crisis and what might be needed to actually come out of it all.

This book is very readable by those of us without a degree in economics. I have never fully understood why the governments of the United States and Canada felt the way out of a near depression was to support those who obviously caused the whole mess. That seems like it only delays a replay of the whole scenario, there had to be a better way out. After reading this book, I am happy to find out that some people a lot smarter than me saw the same thing and explain what does need to happen to not only end the current crisis, but to make sure that it doesn’t happen again.

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