Review in Nursing Standard (UK)

The authors who contributed to this text work in Canada, so while health inequalities are a universal problem, readers in the UK need to know that this book has a North American perspective.

Nurses who aspire to making a contribution to diminishing health inequalities will learn much from this book on the complexity and challenge of social injustice and oppression.

It paints a bleak picture of the social determinants of health and how issues relating to racism, social exclusion, the economy and mental health cause people to live hard lives that result in unacceptable rates of morbidity and mortality. The theme of oppression as a destructive force underpins all the contributions. Numerous academic references are included, making it a useful resource for those with a specific interest in health inequalities. I would have welcomed a number of case studies describing the human and personal aspects of oppression and what this means for parents, children and communities. Positive action is often spurred through leaning about other people’s lives.-Reviewed by Lynn Young, former primary care advisor at the RCN, for Nursing Standard, July 25::vol 26 no 47::2012

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