Racism and Justice

Racism and Justice

Critical Dialogue on the Politics of Identity, Inequality and Change

edited by Singh Bolaria, Sean P. Hier and Daniel Lett  

Racism and Justice; Critical Dialogue on the Politics of Identity, Inequality and Change.

If there is a guiding philosophical framework to these 14 essays on the issues of racism and justice in Canada and beyond (and how these issues are understood in academia), according to editors Hier (sociology, U. of Victoria, Canada), Lett (a doctoral candidate in political science at the U. of Victoria), and Bolaria (emeritus, U. of Saskatchewan, Canada), “it is an eschewal of either/or thinking<–>racism either exists or it does not, race either matters or it does not, progressive justice is either achievable or it is not.” Topics include essentialism as a category of social analysis; intersections of multiple inequalities; Orientalism and the sociology of knowledge; the recent Sydney, Australia, race riots and the contexts and contradictions of the racialization of young people; political apologies and racial reconciliation; racism, justice, and social cohesion in Canada; competing anti-racisms and the interpretation of racism in the post-multicultural era; solidarity practices in Canadian activism; and the politics of anti-racism and neo-fascism. Distributed in the US by Independent Publishers Group.-Reference & Research Book News, August 2009



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