Human Development Review by Jesus Rolando Casamayor

Human Development

Lessons from the Cuban Revolution

by Henry Veltmeyer  

The book provides an interesting and deep view of the concept of social development

Without being a textbook about social – economical topics, the style and approach used masterfully represent social development in capitalism and socialism based on the essence of each system: the accumulation of money in the first case and the welfare of the human being on the other hand.

Very important is the excellent historical review of the different economic societies.

The synthesis of the main achievements of the Cuban Revolution are shown as an essential evidence, recognized in various international forums and praised by opinion international leaders and organizations.

Positive analysis made regarding the balance between social development and economic growth The topic about the role of Cuba in practicing of the international solidarity is positive and it explains the reason why , despite being Cuba a country which still belongs to the third world.

The chapter “updating the model” creates the basis for a study, for a discussion on why the uphill battle that is accentuated since 2008 with the pronouncement of the reforms announced by Raul Castro.

There is a clear explanation about the need to avoid the implementation of neoliberal policies as an instrument for the achievement of global economic development.

No one is trying to expose the Cuban model as perfect, but as a valid variant valid for controlling the achieving of an adequate increase in the economy without affecting social achievements.

— Jesus Rolando Casamayor



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