Get That Freak in Shameless

Get That Freak
Homophobia and Transphobia in High Schools

By Brian Burtch and Rebecca Haskell  

Through interviews, focus groups and surveys with students in British Columbia, Get That Freak offers a uniquely Canadian perspective on homophobia and transphobia in high schools, a project that does not yet have many Canadian counterparts. By giving their interview subjects a clear voice, Haskell and Burtch empower students to tell their own stories; and by combining these first person experiences with theories of discipline and power, the book becomes more than just a collection of narratives. The theoretical grounding of the final chapter allows the book to transcend the individual experiences of its interview subjects, applying its conclusions to a universal student body. This dual nature of the book also gives it a dual purpose: it is at once an instant support group for queer and trans youth in high schools, and an important academic study of homophobia and transphobia in Canadian schools.

–Shannon D’Arcy

–Shameless Magazine, Issue 20, 2012

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