Coming To Terms With Nature

The Socialist Register 2007
Coming toTerms with Nature

Edited by Colin Leys and Leo Panitch  

Coming to Terms with Nature: Socialist Register 2007

A scholarly compendium of well-reasoned, accessible articles, Coming to Terms with Nature examines contemporary environmental concerns in a socio-political context. The internationally based authors detail global capitalism’s roles in creating environmental problems, and explore ways that socialism might address the energy, food, pollution, climate and other nature-related challenges that lie ahead. With a minimum of Marxist trimmings, the authors suggest the need for new thinking about matters such as consumerism, globalization from below, and the opportunities and limitations of “eco-localism.” Notable are the authors’ useful citations. This stimulating book constructively raises contentious political questions about how to address complex environmental problems.-Sally Lerner, Alternatives Journal 34:2

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