Remaking Canadian Social Policy

Social Security in the Late 1990’s

Edited by Jane Pulkingham and Gordon Ternowetsky  

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This book critically examines the changing landscape of Canadian social policy that is taking place as a result of the Liberal government’s Social Security Review (SSR) and recent budgets. The objective is to provide an alternative venue to the “official” consultation process of the SSR, while at the same time providing input into the rebuilding of Canadian social programs. Major factors that led to the SSR are examined: the role of the Minister of Finance, the fiscal power and moral authority of the federal state in a decentralized nation, globalization and labour market restructuring, the concept of workfare, the impact on women, the role of “popular sector” groups and the future of the welfare state.

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  • Jane Pulkingham

    Jane Pulkingham is a Professor of Sociology and Chair of the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at Simon Fraser University. She received her Ph.D. from the University of Edinburgh in Sociology and Social Policy. Her work adopts a critical social policy focus and concentrates on contemporary welfare state restructuring, social policy and inequality particularly as it relates to women’s income security and well being, broadly defined. She is actively involved in a variety of research, service and policy networks within and outside the university setting. These include the Institute for Critical Studies in Gender and Health (ICSGH) at Simon Fraser University; Feminist Studies in Law and Society (FISLS) at Simon Fraser University; the Canadian Council on Social Development (member, Board of Directors) and the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, B.C. Office (Research Advisor and Research Associate). She serves on the editorial board of Canadian Public Policy.

    Jane’s publications include: Public Policy for Women; Living on Welfare in British Columbia (with S. Klein); Remaking Canadian Social Policy; Child and Family Policies: Struggles, Strategies and Options (both co-edited with Gordon Ternowetsky)

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