Re:Imagining Change

How to Use Story-based Strategy to Win Campaigns, Build Movements, and Change the World

By Doyle Canning and Patrick Reinsborough  

Paperback $17.95

Re:Imagining Change provides resources, theory, hands-on tools and illuminating case studies for the next generation of innovative change makers. This unique book explores how culture, media, memes, and narrative intertwine with social change strategies, and offers practical methods to amplify progressive causes in the popular culture.

Re:Imagining Change is an inspirational inside look at the trailblazing methodology developed by the non-profit strategy and training organization, smartMeme. Founded in 2002, smartMeme offers tools, training, and strategy support to organizations and movements working for justice, ecological sanity and transformative social change. Re:Imagining Change is a summary of their approach, and a call to innovate our strategies for collectively addressing the escalating social and ecological crisis of the 21st century.

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  • Introduction: The Power of Story
  • Narrative Power Analysis
  • Winning the Battle of the Story
  • Points of Intervention
  • Changing the Story
  • Facing the Ecological Crisis: A Call to Innovation
  • Endnotes
  • Glossary
  • Further Reading
  • About Smartmeme
  • About the Authors


  • Doyle Canning

    Doyle Canning is a strategist, trainer, and organizer with a commitment to building holistic movements for racial justice and an ecological future. She lives in Boston.

  • Patrick Reinsborough

    Patrick Reinsborough co-founded the smartMeme strategy and training project as a vehicle to explore the intersections of social change strategy, imagination and narrative. He lives in San Francisco.

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