Reclaiming Self

Issues and Resources for Women Abused by Intimate Partners

Edited by Carolyn Goard and Leslie M. Tutty  

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Abuse of women by intimate partners is a significant problem in Canadian society. The critical issues facing abused women include the resources, such as shelters, and support groups available to assist them in being safe. This book considers the many aspects of supporting and providing safety for women who experience abuse.

The authors focus on the impact of government policies, such as the criminal justice response and child protection services, on a woman’s ability to safely leave an abusive relationship. The experiences of women who have used these safety resources are shared in this book. A further chapter discusses the issues raised by the experiences of women abused by lesbian partners.

Future challenges faced by abused women and the services and policies designed to protect them, concludes the book. Each chapter presents the results of recent Canadian research and documents the voices of women who share their experiences of having been abused by an intimate partner.

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  • Leslie M. Tutty

    University of Calgary

    Dr. Leslie Tutty has taught courses in both clinical social work methods and research at the Faculty of Social Work since 1989. Over the past 20 years, her research focus has been the prevention, intervention and policy perspectives on family violence, including a number of evaluations of shelter and post-shelter programs for abused women, support groups for abused women, treatment for adult and child victims of sexual abuse and groups for men who abuse their partners. Tutty’s research on domestic violence spans the perspectives of social services, justice, health and mental health with funding from such organizations as SSHRC’s Community University Research Alliance initiative, Status of Women Canada, National Crime Prevention Centre and the Canadian Institutes of Health Research. Since 1999, Tutty has served as the Academic Research Coordinator of RESOLVE Alberta, a tri-provincial research institute on family violence. RESOLVE is one of Canada’s alliance of research centres on violence against women and children. As such, Leslie has collaborated with a number of the leading researchers in family violence across the country. In 2008, Leslie was appointed to the Brenda Strafford Chair in the Prevention of Domestic Violence. Tutty has expertise in both quantitative and qualitative research methods and has written or edited textbooks for social workers for both paradigms. Other publications include Reclaiming Self: Issues and Resources for Abused Women edited with Carolyn Goard; and the upcoming What’s Law got To Do With It?: The Law, Specialized Courts and Domestic Violence in Canada, co-edited with Dr. Jane Ursel and Janice LeMaistre.

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