Recasting Steel Labour

The Stelco Story

By June Corman, D.W. Livingstone, Meg Luxton and Wally Secombe  

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This is a local study of steelworkers employed at, or aid off from, Stelco’s Hilton Works in Hamilton, Ontario. This local study has been situated in the context of the global restructuring of capitalism. The authors content that more than ever before the dynamics of the whole world economy limit and shape the actions of its past - a process referred to as “globalizing the local.”

Restructuring is taking place in response to global demands. As the global net tighten, local regions and industry have less and less autonomy for independent development. Stelco is best conceived as a sit of the worldwide process of capital accumulation.

How has this restructuring impacted on local regions and local worked? This question is the focus of this book, often answered in workers’ and management’s own words.

  • Labour & Unions
  • ISBN: 9781895686197
  • January 1993
  • 185 Pages
  • $18.95
  • For sale worldwide

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  • D.W. Livingstone

    D.W. Livingstone is Canada Research Chair in Lifelong Learning and Work and professor emeritus in the Department of Sociology and Equity Studies at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of the University of Toronto.

  • Meg Luxton

    Dr. Luxton is a Professor in the School of Social Sciences and the Women’s Studies Programme at Atkinson College, York University. She is Director of the Graduate Programme in Women’s Studies and has published widely, with several highly acclaimed books and articles on the women’s movement, women’s work, paid and unpaid, and relations among work, family and class.

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