Protest and Globalisation

Prospects for Transnational Solidarity

Edited by James Goodman  

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Protest and Globalisation describes the formation of transnational strategies, particularly between “First” and “Third” worlds, by developing theoretical perspectives and examining practical issues encountered by movements that challenge corporate globalisation. In this way, the authors provide a deeper understanding of global protest movements and suggest models for these transnational movements.

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  • Introduction
  • Part I: Constructing Solidarity
  • Principles of Solidarity: Beyond a Postnational Imaginary (Paul James)
  • The Global Vectors in Brazil’s Popular Movements (Rowan Ireland)
  • Consuming Global Justice: Fair Trade Shopping and Alternative Development (Josée Johnston)
  • International NGOs: Towards a Global Cacophonous Democracy (Miriam Solomon)
  • Utopia in Chiapas? Questioning Disembodied Politics (Leanne Reinke)
  • Part II: Facing The Globalised State
  • Migrant Women, Citizenship and Political Action (Rosemary Sales)
  • Environmentalism, State Power and National Interests (Damian Grenfell)
  • The Post-Communist Transition: Neoliberalism and Protest (Heather Field)
  • Part III: Challenging Corporate Power
  • Labour, Globalisation and Transnational Action (Ronnie Munck)
  • Confrontation to Partnership: Corporations and NGOs (Ruth Phillips)
  • Trade Union Solidarity: The Australian Waterfront, 1998 (John Wiseman)
  • Part IV: Contesting Intergovernmentalism
  • Korean Unions Resisting the International Monetary Fund (Patricia Ranald)
  • Labour Internationalism and the North American Free Trade Agreement (Barry Carr)
  • Defeating the OECD’s Multilateral Agreement on Investment (James Goodman)
  • Notes on Contributors
  • Notes
  • Bibliography
  • Index


  • James Goodman

    University of Technology in Sydney, Australia

    James Goodman lectures at the University of Technology in Sydney, Australia. His previous publications include Stopping the Juggernaut: Public Interests versus the MAI (1999) and Moving Mountains: Communities Confront Mining and Globalisation (2001).

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