Precarious Employment

Causes, Consequences and Remedies

By Stephanie Procyk, Wayne Lewchuk and John Shields  

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This edited collection introduces and explores the causes and consequences of precarious employment in Canada and across the world. After contextualizing employment precarity and its root causes, the authors illustrate how precarious employment is created amongst different populations and describe the accompanying social impacts on racialized immigrant women, those in the non-profit sector, temporary foreign workers and the children of Filipino immigrants.

  • Labour & Unions
  • ISBN: 9781552669822
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  • Forthcoming December 2017
  • 160 Pages
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  • Preface: The PEPSO Story
  • Introduction: Precarity in Canada
  • Introduction: Precarious Employment, Families and Communities (Wayne Lewchuk, Stephanie Procyk & John Shields)
  • Determinants and Impacts of Precarious Employment on Racialized Immigrant Women (Yogendra B. Shakya & Stephanie Premji)
  • Serving Vulnerable Communities through Nonprofit Work (John Shields, Donna Baines & Ian Cunningham)
  • Impacts of Repeated Separations on Temporary Foreign Workers in Canada (Aaraón Díaz Mendiburo, André Lyn, Janet McLaughlin, Biljana Vasilevska & Don Wells)
  • Precarious Students and Families in Halton, Ontario (Jennilee Austria, Philip Kelly & Don Wells)
  • Local Neighbourhood Economies and Precarious Employment (Grace- Edward Galabuzi)
  • Voices of the Minimum Wage Campaign (Serene K. Tan)
  • Collaborative Cultural Production and Caregiver Advocacy in Toronto (Philip Kelly & Conely de Leon)
  • Cleaners Against Precarity (Sean Patterson, Jenny Carson & Myer Siemiatycki)
  • Is Representation Happening for the Precarious Workforce in Non-Union, Community Services? (Ian Cunningham, Donna Baines & John Shields)
  • How Minimum Labour Standards Are Ignored on the Edges of the Labour Market (Diane Dyson & Nasima Akter)
  • What to Do about Precarity? (Wayne Lewchuk)
  • Index


  • Stephanie Procyk

    Stephanie Procyk is the manager of research, public policy and evaluation at United Way Toronto and York.

  • Wayne Lewchuk

    Wayne Lewchuk teaches in the School of Labour Studies and Department of Economics at McMaster University.

  • John Shields

    John Shields teaches in the Department of Politics and Public Administration at Ryerson University.