Power and Resistance, 7th edition

Critical Thinking About Canadian Social Issues

edited by Jessica Antony, Wayne Antony and Les Samuelson  

This is the 7th edition of a very successful social issues textbook.

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  • June 2022
  • ISBN: 9781773635187
  • 502 pages
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  • PDF June 2022
  • ISBN: 9781773635392
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About the book

Power and Resistance debunks the dominant neoliberal, hyper-individualist approach to society’s problems that sees poverty as a result of laziness, environmental crises as a result of market demands for products that pollute, and Indigenous Peoples’ struggles as a result of not assimilating. We argue that it is social inequality and oppression that are the underlying causes of social problems. In a society like ours, powerful groups make choices that benefit them and force those choices onto others, creating life problems for others and society as a whole. The powerful also have influence over what is and is not called a “social problem.” Solving social problems requires changing the structures of inequality and oppression. For example, industrial corporate agriculture has created huge profits for a few gigantic food corporations but left much of the world hungry. But farmers and their allies are pushing back through agroecology — an agriculture based on local, small-scale, ecologically sustainable farming that brings eaters and growers closer to one another. The seventh edition of Power and Resistance includes new chapters on anti-Black racism in schools, Indigenous people and mental health, food security and sovereignty, and work in the gig economy.

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Jessica Antony

Jessica Antony (she/her) is a freelance writer, editor and educator. She has a master’s degree in media studies from Concordia University and spent a decade working as a managing editor in the book publishing industry. In addition to writing and editing for clients and authors, she facilitates workshops on a variety of communication topics and teaches a writing course at the University of Winnipeg. She was the co-editor of the sixth edition of Power and Resistance: Critical Thinking About Canadian Social Issues and has written personal essays and articles about body politics, community arts and arts funding for CBC.

Wayne Antony

Wayne Antony (he/him) is a publisher at Fernwood Publishing. He is a founding member of the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives–Manitoba (CCPA-MB) and a board member since its inception in 1997. He has worked with other Winnipeg political activist organizations, the Socialist Education Centre and Thin Ice. Wayne also taught sociology at the University of Winnipeg for eighteen years. He is co-author of three reports on the state of public services in Manitoba (for CCAP-MB) and is co-editor of six editions of Power and Resistance: Critical Thinking About Canadian Social Issues, co-editor of Citizens or Consumers? Social Policy in a Market Society and Capitalism Rebooted? Work and Welfare in the New Economy (both with Dave Broad), and co-editor (with Julie Guard) of Bankruptcies and Bailouts.

Les Samuelson

Les Samuelson (he/him) is a retired professor of sociology at the University of Saskatchewan. He has an active interest in social justice initiatives, especially at the community level. His research interests included justice reform, especially as it pertains to Indigenous Peoples, as well as international crime, justice and human rights.


  • Introduction Social Problems and Social Power: Individual Dysfunction or Social Injustice? (Jessica Antony and Wayne Antony)
  • Chapter 1 Matters of the State Still Matter: Political Power and Social Problems (Murry Knuttila)
  • Chapter 2 Death by Colonialism (Pam Palmater)
  • Chapter 3 Keeping Canada White: Immigration Enforcement in Canada (Wendy Chan)
  • Chapter 4 The (Mis)Education of Black Youth: Anti-Blackness in the School System (Robyn Maynard)
  • Chapter 5 Settler Colonialism and Indigenous Rights in Canada: Thinking With and Beyond a Human Rights Framework (Karl Gardner & Jeffrey Ansloos)
  • Chapter 6 Capitalism, Poverty and Poor People’s Resistance (A.J. Withers)
  • Chapter 7 Canada’s Corporate Food Regime: The Prospects for a Just Transition (Sarah-Louise Ruder, Dana James, Evan Bowness, Tabitha Robin and Bryan Dale)
  • Chapter 8 The Future of Work? App-Based Workers and the Gig Economy (Paul Gray, Stephanie Ross, and Larry Savage)
  • Chapter 9 Fighting to Lose: Political Struggles for Climate Justice (Mark Hudson)
  • Chapter 10 Making Universities Safe for Women: Sexual Assault on Campus (Elizabeth Sheehy and Lindsay Ostridge)
  • Chapter 11 Resisting Conformity: Women Talk About Their Tattoos (Jessica Antony)
  • Chapter 12 Hidden Rainbows in Plain Sight: Human Rights Discourse, Gender, and Sexual Minority Youth (Chris Campbell, Tracey Peter, and Catherine Taylor)
  • Chapter 13 Crime as a Social Problem: Social Inequality and Justice (James Popham, Anna Johnson and Les Samuelson)
  • Chapter 14 Embodied Oppression: The Social Determinants of Health (Elizabeth McGibbon)


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