Open for Business/Closed to People

Mike Harris’s Ontario

Edited by Diana Ralph, Andre Regimbald and Neree St-Amand  

Paperback $19.95

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For anyone concerned about Mike Harris’s neo-conservative “Common Sense Revolution,” this book is a must. It chronicles Harris’s first year as premier and the emerging resistance movement. Part 1 puts the Harris “revolution” in context, exposing its underlying transnational corporate agenda and the previous right-wing U.S. and British governments on which it draws. It demonstrates how the smoke screen of populism and fiscal responsibility hides a fundamental attack on concepts of democracy and social citizenship. Part 2 spells out the profound toll which Harris’s policies are taking on the people of Ontario, especially on its most vulnerable members: low-income people, women, children, workers, and ethno-cultural and francophone communities. Part 3 describes a broad range of strategies to survive and win against this neo-conservative assault.

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  • Preface (Duncan Cameron)
  • Introduction (Diana Ralph)
  • Harris’s First Year: Attacks and Resistance (Bill Dare)
  • Part 1: The Harris Government in Context - The Transnational Corporate Agenda Behind the Harris Regime (Tony Clarke)
  • Deja Vu: Thatcherism in Ontario (Paul Browne)
  • The Ontario Branch of American Conservatism (Andre Regimbald)
  • Deficitism and Neo-Conservatism in Ontario (Michelle Weinroth)
  • Rights and the Right: Ending Social Citizenship in Tory Ontario (Ian Morrison)
  • Part 2: Unmasking the Impacts - Social Assistance in the New Ontario (Linda Lalonde)
  • “Common Sense” Assaults on Families (Brigitte Kitchen)
  • The Racist Face of “Common Sense” (Jean Trickey)
  • The Franco-Ontarian Community Under the Harris Counter-Revolution (David Welch)
  • Ontario Workers Take on the “Common Sense Revolution” (Steve Watson)
  • Part 3: Strategies of Resistance-Community Strategies for Surviving and Resisting the Cuts (Michele Kerisit and Neree St-Amand)
  • Fighting to Win (John Clarke)
  • Days of Action: Challenging the Harris Corporate Agenda (Jim Turk)
  • Strategies for the Post-Harris Era (Diana Ralph)

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