Muriel Duckworth

A Very Active Pacifist

By Marion Douglas Kerans  

Paperback $22.95

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“Muriel is an extraordinary woman whose life and work has enriched many-through her faith and her practice. A feminist, a pacifist and a compassionate Canadian, her life is an example of what love and selfless intelligence can do.”-Ursula M. Franklin C.C. FRSC

“Muriel Duckworth inspires me. She is living, walking proof that age need not destroy one’s commitment to progressive social ideals. Muriel is a true humanitarian who freely gives herself to others regardless of their race, sex, class or ethnic origins.”

— Rocky Jones, Halifax lawyer

“Muriel Duckworth’s unwavering commitment to the cause of peace and human progress has inspired countless women and men. The story of her life’s work will cheer and revitalize the thousands who meet her for the first time in this book.”

— Alexa McDonough, leader Canada’s New Democrats

  • Biography/Memoir
  • ISBN: 9781895686685
  • January 1996
  • 240 Pages
  • $22.95
  • For sale worldwide

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  • “A Farmer’s Daughter”-Memories of Growing Up in Quebec
  • “Poisoning the Student Mind…”-University Years
  • A Wife and Mother Striving to Build “...a life of her own”
  • Pacifists in a “Good” War
  • Becoming an Adult Educator-Halifax 1947-1967
  • An Expanding Horizon-The Maturation of a Pacifist
  • Finding Other Voices
  • National President of Voice of Women
  • The Vietnam Agenda
  • Visits From Vietnamese Women
  • Speaking her Peace
  • Pacifism to the Test
  • Forming a Citizens’ Coalition
  • A Candidate for the New Democratic Party
  • A Pacifist Feminist
  • An Ambassador for Peace
  • The Spirit of Muriel


  • Marion Douglas Kerans

    Marion Douglas Kerans, herself an activist, lives in Ottawa. She is the author of Muriel Duckworth: A Very Active Pacifist (Fernwood 1996).

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