More Powerful Together

Conversations With Climate Activists and Indigenous Land Defenders

By Jen Gobby  

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How can social movements help bring about large-scale systems change? This is the question Jen Gobby sets out to answer in More Powerful Together. As an activist, Gobby has been actively involved with climate justice, anti-pipeline, and Indigenous land defense movements in Canada for many years. As a researcher, she has sat down with folks from these movements and asked them to reflect on their experiences with movement building. Bringing their incredibly poignant insights into dialogue with scholarly and activist literature on transformation, Gobby weaves together a powerful story about how change happens.

In reflecting on what’s working and what’s not working in these movements, taking inventory of the obstacles hindering efforts, and imagining the strategies for building a powerful movement of movements, a common theme emerges: relationships are crucial to building movements strong enough to transform systems. Indigenous scholarship, ecological principles, and activist reflections all converge on the insight that the means and ends of radical transformation is in forging relationships of equality and reciprocity with each other and with the land.

It is through this, Gobby argues, that we become more powerful together.

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  • It has become a sad feature of many modern societies that civil disobedience in support of a ‘just cause’ leads to disruption, expense, and occasionally physical harm to the orderly running and business of that society. Canada has not been immune from this, with marches, protest camps, and more, against resource developments in the energy industries, pipeline construction, and chemical industries. This book is based on the author’s own participation in such direct actions, which in turn have formed the basis for a PhD thesis.

    — Ken Atkinson, British Journal of Canadian Studies, Volume 34, Number 1, 2022 (full review)


  • Acknowledgements
  • Thinking Together About Changing Everything
  • The Climate and Inequality Crises in Canada
  • Understanding the Crises
  • Envisioning Alternatives
  • How We Get From Here to There
  • Taking Stock of Where We Are At and What Stands in Our Way
  • Overcoming the Barriers and Building More Powerful Movements
  • “We Get There Together, or We Don’t Get There at All”
  • Appendix
  • References
  • Index


  • Jen Gobby

    Jen Gobby is an activist-scholar based in Tio’tia:ke (Montreal). She is founder of the MudGirls Natural Building Collective, organizes with Climate Justice Montreal, completed her Ph.D at McGill, and is now post doctorate fellow at Concordia University.

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