Mind the Gaps

Canadian Perspectives on Gender and Politics

By Roberta Lexier and Tamara Small  

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The gender gap refers to the differences in public opinion and political participation between men and women: the proportion of seats held by women in Canadian legislatures appears to have plateaued or even declined at all levels of government, and gendered differences in political behaviour and participation impact public policy, political outcomes and democratic fairness in Canada.

Mind the Gaps provides a multifaceted examination of the role of gender in traditional politics, social movement politics and the media in Canada. This edited collection provides an interdisciplinary examination of the gender gap in Canada, and brings together knowledge, viewpoints and case studies on gender and politics, providing readers with a greater understanding of the various gender gaps that exist in Canada politics.

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  • Introduction: The Gender Gap Matters (Tamara A. Small & Roberta Lexier)
  • Doing the Work of Representation, Nova Scotia Style (Louise Carbert & Naomi Black)
  • Public Attitudes Towards Increasing Women’s Political Representation (Joanna Everitt & Elisabeth Gidengil)
  • Explaining the Modern Gender Gap (Elisabeth Gidengil, Joanna Everitt, André Blais, Patrick Fournier & Neil Nevitte)
  • Waffling Towards Parity in the New Democratic Party (Roberta Lexier)
  • Quebec Feminists and Politics (Chantal Maillé)
  • Transnational Activism and Domestic Feminist Organizing (L. Pauline Rankin)
  • Fashion, Flirtation and Fringe Feminists in the News: Coverage of the 1984 Canadian Leadership Debate (Samantha C. Thrift)
  • Gender and Political Evaluation in Leadership Races (Mireille Lalancette & Catherine Lemarier-Saulnier)


  • Roberta Lexier

    Roberta Lexier is an assistant professor in the Department of General Education at Mount Royal University.

  • Tamara Small

    Tamara A.Small is an assistant professor in the Department of Political Science at the University of Guelph.

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