Making Space for Indigenous Feminism

Edited by Joyce Green  

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The majority of scholarly and activist opinion by and about Aboriginal women claims that feminism is irrelevant for them. Yet, there is also an articulate, theoretically informed and activist constituency that identifies as feminist. By and about Aboriginal feminists, this book provides a powerful and original intellectual and political contribution demonstrating that feminism has much to offer Aboriginal women in their struggles against oppression. The contributors are from Canada, the USA, Sami (Samiland) and Aotearoa/New Zealand. The chapters include theoretical contributions, stories of political activism and deeply personal accounts of developing political consciousness.


  • Introduction:  From Symposium to Book Joyce Green
  • Part 1: What is Aboriginal Feminism?
  • Taking Account of Aboriginal Feminism Joyce Green
  • Aboriginal Women on Feminism: Exploring Diverse Points of View Verna St. Denis
  • Metis and Feminist: Reflections from the Margins Emma LaRocque
  • Part II: Aboriginal Feminist Analysis and Theory
  • Sami Women and Feminism: Strategies for Healing and Transformation Rauna Kuokkanen
  • Native American Feminism, Sovereignty, and Social Change Andrea Smith
  • Gender, Essentialism, and Feminism in Samiland Jorunn Eikjok translated by Gunhild Hoogensen
  • Indigenous Feminism as Resistance to Imperialism Makere Stewart-Harawira
  • Balancing Strategies: Aboriginal Women and Constitutional Rights in Canada Joyce Green
  • Part III: Aboriginal Feminist Activists and Sister-Travellers
  • Looking Back, Looking Forward Shirley Green
  • Maori Women and Leadership in Aotearoa Kathie Irwin
  • Yes, My Daughter, We Are Cherokee Women Denise Henning
  • My Home Town Northern Canada South Africa Emma LaRocque
  • Culturing Politics and Politicizing Culture Shirley Bear
  • An Aboriginal Feminist on Violence Against Women Tina Beads with Rauna Kuokkanen
  • Colleen Glenn: A Metis Feminist in Indian Rights for Indian Women Colleen Glenn with Joyce Green
  • Woman of Action: An Interview with Sharon McIvor Sharon McIvor with Rauna Kuokkanen


  • Joyce Green

    University of Regina

    Joyce Green is professor emerita of political science at the University of Regina. Green’s work focuses on the politics of decolonization in Canada; on identity, human rights and citizenship; and on the way in which sexism, racism and race privilege is encoded in Canadian political culture. She is of English, Ktunaxa and Cree-Scots Métis descent; she is a citizen of the Ktunaxa Nation and a member of Yaq̓it ʔa·knuqⱡiʔit (Tobacco Plains), a member band of the Ktunaxa Nation.

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