By Christina Gunn  

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He did appear, but slowly and cautiously. The lead rider, they all knew, although mainly from stories. Both captors and captives grew silent as they watched her. Slowly, looking puzzled, she walked her horse in a circle. Something caught her eye and she wheeled the beast around.

“It’s a trap,” she screamed, but already the forest rang with swords clashing. “Get out!” Her stallion plunged into the fray as she beat down the Foresters trying to grasp the greatest prize, her.

“Lily! Get out!” a voice cried, as those still able ran for safety.

“But…” she turned finally, avoiding looking at the struggles of her comrades as ropes tightened around their wrists. Her eyes met Peter’s for a moment and her face fell as he was pulled away. She turned tortured eyes to someone else she knew, and rage filled them.

“Gisbourne!” she roared, as she turned her horse away. “I will kill you. I swear it!”

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  • Christina Gunn

    Christina Gunn lives in Whycocomagh, Nova Scotia, with her parents, Anne and Tom Gunn, and her five younger brothers (two older sisters have already left the nest). They all live in L’Arche Cape Breton, a community for mentally handicapped people and the people who choose to share their lives with them.

    Christina is a Grade 11 student at Whycocomagh Consolidated School. Besides writing, she plays basketball, rides her horses, baby-sits her little brothers and hangs out with her friends. Lily is her first novel.

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