Labour Under Attack

Anti-Unionism in Canada

Edited by Stephanie Ross and Larry Savage  

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This multi-disciplinary edited collection critically examines the causes and effects of anti-unionism in Canada. Primarily through a series of case studies, the book’s contributors document and expose the tactics and strategies of employers and anti-labour governments while also interrogating some of the labour movement’s own practices as a source of anti-union sentiment among workers. Contributors to this collection are concerned with the strategic implications of anti-union tactics and ideas and explore the possibilities and challenges for unions intent on overcoming them for the benefit of all working people.

  • Labour & Unions
  • ISBN: 9781773630496
  • April 2018
  • 150 Pages
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  • PDF
  • ISBN: 9781773633589
  • July 2020
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  • July 2020
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  • Labour Under Attack: An Introduction to Anti-Unionism in Canada (Stephanie Ross & Larry Savage)
  • A Crisis of Representation: Anti-Unionism, Media and Popular Culture (Dennis Soron)
  • The Complexities of Worker Anti-Unionism (Stephanie Ross)
  • Inequality and Divisions on the Shop Floor: The Case of John Deere Welland Works (June Corman, Ann Duffy & Norene Pupo-Barkans)
  • Organizing Against the Odds: Anti-Unionism in Niagara’s Casino Gaming Sector (Larry Savage & Nick Ruhloff-Queiruga)
  • Anti-Unionism in Professional Sport: The Case of Major Junior Hockey (Simon Black)
  • The Cultural Politics of Labour in Retail (Kendra Coulter)
  • “I Work at VICE Canada and I Need a Union”: Organizing Digital Media (Nicole Cohen & Greig De Peuter)
  • References
  • Contributors


  • Stephanie Ross

    McMaster University

    Stephanie Ross is the Director of the School of Labour Studies at McMaster University.

  • Larry Savage

    Brock University

    Larry Savage is Chair of the Department of Labour Studies at Brock University.

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