Juggernaut Politics

Understanding Predatory Globalisation

By Jacques B. Gelinas  

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This book explains the global economy and uncovers the facts behind the hype. Globalisation is not a vehicle without a driver, or an irresistible and inevitable force of nature, as political leaders and pundits would have us believe. Juggernaut Politics identifies the actual institutions and people controlling the system and explains how the globalisation machine really works. It exposes the hidden face of the unregulated global market and its unequal trade treaties and domination by big money. The players that benefit are the transnational corporations, the super-managers and subservient politicians but also the ideologists who justify and defend the system – the free market economists and media pundits propagating the Globalisation Creed. What has been ignored is the will of people who recognize that the benefits of globalisation do not include them and that these people would begin to hold political leaders more and more accountable.

In the second part of Juggernaut Politics, Jacques B. Gelinas looks at how people can reclaim the social and economic power that globalisation has eroded away.

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  • From Worldwide Colonial Mercantilism to Globalization
  • The Hidden Face of the Global Market
  • The Masters of the Globalized World
  • The Overseers
  • The Ideology of Globalization
  • The United Nations, Patroness of the Third World
  • The Tragedy of the Commons
  • The Slums of the Global Village
  • Another World Is Possible
  • Who Will Do It?
  • Reclaiming the Economy
  • The Four Forms of Reappropriation
  • A Cause for the 21st Century

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