Invisible Giant

Cargill and Its Transnational Strategies

By Brewster Kneen  

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Transnational corporations(TNCs) straddle the globe, largely unseen by the public. Cargill is the epitome of transnational corporation - the largest private corporation in North America, and possibly in the world, it trades in all agricultural commodities and produces and processes a great many of them.

Cargill is both wealthy and influential, and there are few national economies unaffected by its activities. Et Cargill remains largely invisible to most people and accountable to no one. Using Cargill as the focus of his study, Kneed clearly illustrates the philosophy and practice of TNCs: what they are and what they do. Kneen describes and analyses Cargill’s global activities, its ability to shape national policies worldwide, its strategies, and the implications of these strategies for all of us.

“The result of (Kneen’s) sleuthing is a remarkable amount of information which is frightening but ultimately empowering.”

— Professor Harriet Friendmann, University of Toronto

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  • Brewster Kneen

    Brewster Kneen is Canada’s foremost analyst and critic of the food system. He has written several book so different aspects of food and its production and also publishes a monthly newsletter, the Ram’s Horn.

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