International Social Development

Social Work Experiences and Perspectives

Edited by Julie Drolet and Tuula Heinonen  

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This edited collection offers a range of the current theoretical concepts and perspectives that shape international social development today. Utilizing examples from actual social workers in regions such as Asia, Eastern Europe and Latin America, International Social Development brings together scholars who are engaged internationally in social development work aimed at addressing poverty, gender inequality, sustainable livelihoods and food security. The first of its kind in Canada, International Social Development will assist students in building critical knowledge, learning methods to mitigate post-colonial attitudes and developing practical skills essential to doing social work in an increasingly interconnected and globalized world.

With greater populations across the globe becoming increasingly vulnerable to the effects of poverty, environmental degradation, globalization and urbanization, the need for social work professionals to adopt practices that address such complex social issues is dire. With this need in mind, the early chapters of the book conceptualize and discuss the general objectives and various models of international social development, with particular attention paid to Canadian aid organizations and the concept of gender in international social research and practice. Subsequent chapters highlight specific international social work projects from around the globe, dealing with discriminatory practices in tsunami-affected South India, food security in Brazil and gender equality in rural China, making this book a well-rounded introduction for students unfamiliar with international social development and a primer on pressing issues for social work professionals already working in the field.

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  • Introduction (Julie Drolet & Tuula Heinonen)
  • International Development and Its Underlying Ideologies (Linda Snyder)
  • The Ideals of International Development Assistance (Ray Van der Zaag
  • Gender: Concepts and Controversies (Julie Drolet & Tuula Heinonen)
  • Sustainable Livelihoods: Strategizing to Improve Lives (Lawrence Deane)
  • Social Work and Disasters: Learning from Diverse Community Narratives in Post-tsunami Villages in Tamil Nadu, South India (Julie Drolet, Grant Larson, Miriam Samuel & Leon Ginsberg)
  • Developing a Sustainable Model of Social Work Education in Ukraine (Nina Hayduk & Brad McKenzie)
  • Solidarity, Common Cause, Relationship: A Learning Journey in Social Work Eduction [Nicaragua] (Maureen Wilson & Iris Prado Hernández)
  • Building Capacity for Governance in Food Security in Brazil (Cecilia Rocha & Iara Lessa)
  • Grassroots Change for Rural Women in China: Building Human Capacity (Maria Cheung & Tuula Heinonen)
  • Conclusion (Tuula Heinonen & Julie Drolet)


  • Julie Drolet

    JULIE DROLET is an associate professor in the School of Social Work and Human Service at Thompson Rivers University.

  • Tuula Heinonen

    TUULA HEINONEN is a professor in the Faculty of Social Work at the University of Manitoba.

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