In Defense of Small Producers

The Story of CLAC

By Marco Coscione  

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In an international geopolitical panorama where Northern countries are increasingly in crisis and where the most interesting alternatives to sustainable development are coming from the South, the Latin American small producers, represented by the Latin American and Caribbean Network of Small Fair Trade Producers (CLAC), are assuming a more protagonistic role in the defense of the founding principles of the fair trade movement. The CLAC is also leading a process of rethinking the fair trade system and launching concrete proposals to strengthen fair trade in local, national and regional areas.

Through the direct testimonies of many of its protagonists, Coscione offers a unique portrayal of the CLAC – its past experiences, its present developments and, above all, its outlook and future challenges.

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  • Acronyms and Abbreviations
  • Preface
  • An Important Introductory Remark
  • Introduction: A Movement in Constant Motion
  • Water, Land and Agribusiness in Latin America
  • Origins of Fairtrade Certification
  • Overview of Fairtrade in Latin America
  • CLAC and Its Network in the Continent
  • CLAC and the FLO System
  • FairTrade USA and Its Split from the FLO System
  • The Reality of the Small Producer
  • FUN DEPPO and the Small Producers’ Symbol
  • Southern Political Advocacy for Fair Trade
  • National Markets and South-South Fair Trade
  • Food Sovereignty and Product Diversification
  • Women Producers and Gender Equity
  • The Adaptation of Smallholder Agriculture to Climate Change
  • Future Challenges
  • Bibliography


  • Marco Coscione

    Marco Coscione is a social researcher and consultant on issues of fair trade, the solidarity economy and social movements in Latin America. He also works as academic and organizational consultant for colleges and universities, foundations, non-governmental and social organizations, public institutions and civil society.

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