Immigration and the Legalization of Racism

By Lisa Jakubowski  

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“The chameleon-like nature of the law-the duplicitous ways in which the law is written, the equivocal way in which it is stated and, therefore, talked about, the hiding of the truth about the resources which are expended in its implementation, the misleading way in which it casts the discretions it purports to take away and to give-its ideological functioning and its capacity to legitimate the illegitimate, all are put under the microscope in this study. It is a timely piece of work. It may make some readers uncomfortable, but it will leave no one untouched.” -H.J. Glasbeek, Professor Emeritus, Osgoode Hall Law School

  • Race & Racism
  • ISBN: 9781895686746
  • December 1996
  • 116 Pages
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  • Controlling Immigration: “Race” and Canadian Immigration Law and Policy Formation
  • The Questioning of Social Order: Exploring the Duality of Law
  • Ideology as Methodology: Documentary Analysis of Canadian Immigration Law
  • Amending the Canadian Immigration Act: The Live-In Caregiver Program
  • Amending the Canadian Immigration Act: Bill C-86
  • Concluding Remarks


  • Lisa Jakubowski

    Brescia College

    Lisa Jakubowski teaches in the Sociology Department at Brescia College in London, Ontario.

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