Healing Wounded Hearts

By Fyre Jean Graveline  

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Healing Wounded Hearts brings together stories, poems and artwork that illustrate the struggles and strengths that Fyre Jean has, as a Métis Woman, living everyday in intersecting, parallel, sometimes colliding, socio-cultural realities. Baring her Heart and Soul, she shares personal, painful, spiritual discoveries of how life and worlds work, through Stories that have grown her into who she is. Through a blend of original research, reflective journals and creative use of dialogue, people, places, times, events, beings come alive. Simultaneously Traditional and Experimental, Factual and Fictional, her word choice and placement foreground questions of Authority, Power and Privilege. Fyre Jean is a wordsmith who bends and shapes languages, to make Truth, to Transform, to Move herself and her readers from one Place, Condition, Reality, to another. Healing Wounded Hearts is a process, a flow, a Journey. When you open this book, you open a Doorway to Healing. Be prepared to experience her worlds–personal and political, academic and artistic, humorous and tragic. You will be enlightened, inspired, moved, surprised into new ways of Seeing, Believing, Being. A must read for social activists, academics, artists, helpers and those on a Healing Journey.

  • Social Work
  • ISBN: 9781552661420
  • January 2004
  • 238 Pages
  • For sale worldwide

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  • Words To Know To Read Me
  • First Doorway: Getting Started On This
  • Second Doorway: I Am Caged. Are You?
  • Third Doorway: Glimpsing Light. Noticing Cracks. Slipping Between Bars
  • Fourth Doorway: Spirits Open Doorways. Spring Traps
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  • Fyre Jean Graveline

    Acadia University

    Dr. Fyre Jean Graveline is a Métis (Cree) who has worked in education and social work for the last twenty-five years, consistently challenging individuals and organizations to examine their oppressive, eurocentric, patriarchal attitudes and practices. She is the author of Circle Works: Transforming Eurocentric Consciousness.

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