Tame It or Scrap It?

By Greg Buckman  

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Greg Buckman discusses the two main approaches within the anti-globalization movement. The ‘Fair Trade and Back to Breton Woods’ school argues for immediate reforms of the world’s trading system, capital markets and global institutions, notably the World Bank, IMF and WTO. The ‘Localization’ school, takes a more root and branch position and argues for the abolition of these institutions and the outright reversal of globalization. Buckman explains the details of each school’s outlook and proposals, their weaknesses, where they disagree, their common ground and where they might come together in campaigns.

“The clearest and most succinct explanation of the origins and processes of economic globalization yet to appear in English, plus the best coverage of the debates over what to do about it. A useful tool for anti-globalization activists everywhere.”

— Dr. Christine Dann, Green Research, New Zealand

  • Globalization
  • ISBN: 9781552661376
  • January 2004
  • 240 Pages
  • $19.95
  • For sale in Canada

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  • Part 1
  • Introduction
  • The Evolution of the Global Super-market
  • The Evolution of the Global Bank
  • The Engines of Globalization
  • Rich vs Poor in the Global Economy
  • Rich Country, Double Standards
  • Part 2
  • The Anti-Globalization Movement
  • The Fair Trade and Back to Bretton Woods School
  • The Localization School
  • Globaphobes vs Globaphiles
  • Deficiencies of Both Schools
  • The Policy Future of the Anti-Globalization Movement
  • Conclusion


  • Greg Buckman

    Greg Buckman is an economist and researcher with a long involvement in the Australian environment movement. He is the former national finance manager for the Wilderness Society of Australia and currently treasurer of the Australian Greens. He is the author of Globalization: Tame it or Scrap it? (Zed Books 2004).

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