Gender, Race & Canadian Law

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Compiled by Julie Dowsett  

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Gender, Race & Canadian Law explores feminist and critical race approaches to Canadian law. The collection, which is suitable for undergraduate courses, begins with a basic overview of Canadian law and an introduction to critical concepts including “the official version of law,” race and racialization, privilege and heteronormativity. Substantive themes include the Montreal massacre, hegemonic and other masculinities, equality rights, sexual assault and other gendered violence, trans, colonialism, immigration and multiculturalism.

Contributors: Constance Backhouse Gillian Balfour Mélissa Blais Karen Busby Wendy Chan Sandra Ka Hon Chu Elizabeth Comack Raewyn Connell Pamela Downe Deborah H. Drake Rod Earle Eve Haque Joanna Harris Margot A. Hurlbert Lisa Marie Jakubowski Peter Knegt Ruth M. Mann Peggy McIntosh Marilou McPhedron Martin Rochlin

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  • ISBN: 9781773634609
  • November 2020
  • $49.99
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  • About the Books
  • About the Authors
  • Law and Justice (Margot A. Hurlbert)
  • Theorizing Law (Elizabeth Comack and Gillian Balfour)
  • Understanding Race and Racialization (Elizabeth Comack)
  • Criminalizing Race (Wendy Chen)
  • White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack (Peggy McIntosh)
  • The Heterosexual Questionnaire (Martin Rochlin)
  • Legal Reform (Peter Knegt)
  • “I Hate Feminists!”: Introduction (Melissa Blais)
  • From Marginalization to Disparagement of Feminist Discourse (Melissa Blais)
  • Understanding Men: Gender Sociology and the New International Research on Masculinities (Raewyn Connell)
  • Men, Masculinity and Crime (Rod Earle and Deborah H. Drake)
  • Equality Rights and Justice (Marilou MacPhedran)
  • “Sex Was in the Air”: Pernicious Myths and Other Problems with Sexual Violence Proscecutions (Karen Busby)
  • A Selected History of Sexual Assault Legislation in Canada, 1892-1983 compiled (Constance Backhouse)
  • Competing Claims from Disadvantaged Groups: Nixon v. Vancouver Rape Relief Society (Joanna Harris)
  • Colonialism Past and Present (Elizabeth Comack)
  • Policies of Discrimination: The Canadian Indian Act (Pamela Downe)
  • “Managing” Canadian Immigration: Racism, Racialization, and the Law (Lisa Marie Jakubowski and Elizabeth Comack)
  • Complicating Narratives: Chinese Women and the Head Tax (Sandra Ka Hon Chu)
  • The Bilingual Limits of Canadian Multiculturalism: The Politics of Language and Race (Eve Haque)
  • Invisibilizing Violence Against Women (Ruth M. Mann)

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