Food Regimes and Agrarian Questions

By Philip McMichael  

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Food Regimes and Agrarian Questions extends the original conception of the food regime, formulated by Harriet Friedmann and Philip McMichael, detailing new dimensions of the succession of imperial, intensive and corporate food regimes. Developing the methodological contributions of food regime analysis, McMichael re-examines the agrarian question historically and its present-day implications, introduces regional interpretations of the food regime and incorporates gender, labour, financial, ecological and nutritional dimensions into his analysis. Finally, McMichael explores the relationships between contemporary food, energy, climate and financial crises and food regime restructuring, which includes agrofuels, land grabbing, the bioeconomy, agro-security mercantilism and the food sovereignty movement.

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  • Introduction: The Food Regime Project
  • Historical Forms of the Food Regime
  • The Food Regime and the Agrarian Question
  • New Formulations and Methodological Issues
  • Contemporary Crisis and Restructuring
  • The Food Regime and Value Relations: Which Values?


  • Philip McMichael

    Philip McMichael is a professor in the Department of Development Sociology at Cornell University and the author of Development and Social Change: A Global Perspective.

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