Expose, Oppose, Propose

Alternative Policy Groups and the Struggle for Global Justice

By William K. Carroll  

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Since the 1970s, economic globalization has fuelled concerns that democracy is being hollowed out. Transnational social movements have developed as advocates of a “democratic globalization” that enriches human relations across space by empowering communities and citizens to participate in the full range of decisions that shape and govern their lives. Alongside and in support of these movements, transnational alternative policy groups (TAPGs) have emerged: think tanks that provide evidence-based critiques of neoliberal capitalism while promoting democratic alternatives to the corporate agenda of top-down globalization.

Expose, Oppose, Propose explores the networks, discourses and practices through which transnational alternative policy groups exert political and cultural influence and assesses the challenges they face as transnational change agents in an era of economic and ecological crisis. Based on in depth interviews with members of TAPGs from across the globe, this book illustrates the importance these organizations play in disseminating progressive, socially just knowledge in both mainstream and alternative media, collaborating with social movements and developing and implementing alternative ideas. As collective intellectuals of counter-hegemonic globalization, transnational alternative policy groups problematize borders and enclosures while providing the cognitive resources for both local changes and a strengthened capacity for just globalism.

“Brilliant and original… He fully recognizes that the global dimensions of the crises will require solutions that are at least partially global and that many of these solutions will be practical utopias in the sense that they will challenge us to face the difficulties of bringing about a post-capitalist world and at the same time present practical strategies that may make this possible.”

— Robert Albritton, York University

“Chock-full of insights, William K. Carroll’s latest book is an immensely useful account of how major alternative think-tanks engage in their struggles for global justice. It explores not only resistance to the current economic and ecological havoc but also forward-oriented ideas and transformative practices that can help us shape the futures we want. A required must-read for anyone interested in developing strategies for a more equitable world.”

— Markus S. Schulz, Vice-President of the International Sociological Association (ISA) and President of the 2016 Forum of Sociology

“With this penetrating study of transnational alternative policy groups, Carroll and his colleagues demonstrate that while they are embedded within a network of hegemonic institutions they can also mediate between movements and media, between counterpublics and general publics, and go beyond resistance into the realm of counter-hegemonic politics and the struggle for global justice.”

— Leslie Sklair, London School of Economics

“In analysing the dual crisis of contemporary capitalism, Carroll skillfully weighs up the strategic dilemmas faced by transnational resistance movements seeking global alternatives - and his sociological scholarship is second to none in its blend of political passion and exemplary empiricism.”

— Ariel Salleh, activist and author of Eco-Sufficiency & Global Justice

“Refusing to be mesmerized by neoliberalism, Carroll has spent years probing the structures and practices of justice globalism. Careful, concrete investigation of a globally dispersed set of transnational alternative policy groups enables him to offer a sophisticated, synthetic characterization of their shared vision. Expose, Oppose, Propose is an indispensable guide for anyone trying to create the basis for a just and viable future.”

— Peter Evans, University of California, Berkeley

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  • Clearly, this volume is a major undertaking. The research, conducted over 4 years, was obviously careful and painstaking. The case examples were well selected to illustrate the purposes, forms and potential power of alternative knowledge production and mobilization organizations working in dialogue with popular movements.

    — Voluntas: International Journal of Voluntary and Nonprofit Organizations (full review)


  • Preface
  • Hegemony, Counter-Hegemony and Organic Crisis
  • Alternative Knowledge Projects and Cognitive Praxis
  • Networks of Cognitive Praxis: Embedding Post-Capitalist Alternatives?
  • Challenges and Responses
  • The Challenge of NGOization
  • The Repertoire of Alt KPM: Modes of Cognitive Praxis
  • The Repertoire of Alt KPM: Key Practices
  • Convergent Visions: The Ends of Alternative Knowledge
  • References
  • Index


  • William K. Carroll

    William K. Carroll is a professor of sociology at the University of Victoria and a research associate at the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives BC and the Institute for Studies & Innovation in Community-University Engagement (UVic).

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