Everything Is So Political

A Collection of Short Fiction by Canadian Writers

Edited by Sandra McIntyre  

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The stories within Everything Is So Political explore the intersection between politics and the contemporary short story. From the overt to the subtle, this collection tackles a broad range of topics and themes, from women’s rights and Aboriginal culture to environmentalism, terrorism and totalitarianism. This is one of the few Canadian anthologies that focuses on political fiction, and it does so in a very powerful and artful way, flying in the face of readers, writers and critics alike who claim that writing with a political agenda occurs at the expense of literary quality.

Consisting of twenty short stories, this collection is proof that it is increasingly difficult, even impossible, for fiction not to be political. But make no mistake, the stories in this anthology are stories first: stories that are meant to be read, shared and enjoyed, but stories that will make you see things differently and question the world around you.

“Brimming with wild imagination and stunning variety, this is one of those beautiful literary anthologies that comes along once a generation, that we’ll look back upon as the beginning of a whole new vision of Canadian fiction.”

— Lee Henderson, author of The Man Game

“The greatest achievement of Everything Is So Political is proving that the marriage of art and politics can be anything but distasteful, unsophisticated, juvenile or offensive. In fact, rather than seeming to boast an agenda, these stories are harrowing, challenging, intelligent and, at times, even entertaining.”

— Rabble.ca

“Sometimes the political seems so ugly that we would like to take the high road and avoid it. Yet everything is political for a reason. Freedom is never safe from greed, be it for money or power. Democracy exists only in the exercise. Therefore, the more we know, the more we must tussle and spin.”

— From the foreword, by Fred Stenson

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  • May 2013
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  • Foreword (Fred Stenson)
  • Introduction (Sandra McIntyre)
  • Stray Dogs (Andrew Sullivan)
  • The Brothers Wolffe (Susi Lovell)
  • The problem of being really good with names (Michael Donoghue)
  • Lost-Wax Casting (Michelle Butler Hallett)
  • Above her shook the starry lights (Sherveen Ashtari)
  • The briefcase (Ethan Canter)
  • Halifax on strike (David Fleming)
  • Elephant air (Fran Kimmel)
  • The water bottle thief (Chris Benjamin)
  • Suicide bombers (Shane Joseph)
  • Star Spinning (Catherine Brunet)
  • Gotcha! (Jack Godwin)
  • The King’s Nephew (J. Paul Cooper)
  • Grace Street (Joan Baril)
  • The Extremists (R. Jonathan Chapman)
  • Quitting Colombia (Jim Conklin)
  • The Royal Flush (Lori Pollock)
  • A year of coming home (A. S. Penne)
  • The Amber Light (Bretton Loney)
  • From the Lookout There Are Trees (Matthew R. Loney)
  • Credits
  • About the Contributors


  • Sandra McIntyre

    SANDRA MCINTYRE is a freelance book editor and writer living in Calgary, Alberta. Previously, she was the managing editor of Nimbus Publishing in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Sandra edits fiction primarily and is currently at work on a historical novel.

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