Energy Security and Climate Change

A Canadian Primer

By Cy Gonick  

Paperback $18.95

Peak oil and climate change were mere hypotheses only a few years ago. This book brings together some of Canada’s and the world’s leading authorities to explore the origins of twin crises of our times and to evaluate the various solutions being advanced. What emerges is an engrossing discussion that is critical, sophisticated and plain spoken, challenging and controversial. Energy Security and Climate Change will be of interest to those seeking an introduction to the issues, as well as those looking for a greater depth of analysis.

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  • Introduction (Cy Gonick)
  • Part One
  • Peak Oil, and Energy and Water Security—Responding to the Challenge of Peak Oil (Richard Heinberg)
  • Peak Oil and Alternative Energy (Jack Santa Barbara)
  • High Noon for Natural Gas (Julian Darley)
  • Capturing Revenues from Resource Extraction (John Warnock)
  • Tar Sands Moratorium (Deh Cho)
  • Scarring Tar and Scum from the Bottom of the Pit (Petr Cizek)
  • Power Speaks to Power Under the Nuclear Revival Tent (Marita Moll)
  • Turning On Canada’s Tap (Tony Clarke)
  • Sustainable Agriculture—Has Cuba Shown the Way? (Paul Phillips)
  • Energy Security for Canada (Gordon Laxer)
  • Part Two
  • Climate Change Getting Personal about Climate Change (Metta Spencer)
  • The Corporate Climate Coup (David F. Noble)
  • Bridging Peak Oil and Climate Change Activism (Richard Heinberg)
  • “Obscenity” of Carbon Trading (Kevin Smith)
  • Harper’s Plan (Dale Marshall)
  • 12 Point Program to Combat Climate Change (Cy Gonick & Brendan Haley)
  • Appendix—World Oil Reserves (John Warnock)


  • Cy Gonick

    Cy Gonick (born April 8, 1936) is a former politician in Manitoba, Canada. He was a member of the Legislative Assembly of Manitoba from 1969 to 1973, sitting as a member of the New Democratic Party. Gonick was born in Canada, and attended university at Berkeley in the 1960s. During this period, he was a founding editor of Canadian Dimension, a socialist journal based in Winnipeg. Gonick was elected to the legislature in the provincial election of 1969, defeating incumbent Progressive Conservative Gurney Evans by 273 votes in the Winnipeg riding of Crescentwood. He was a backbencher in Edward Schreyer’s government for the next four years. Gonick was the only Manitoba NDP MLA who was an avowed member of “The Waffle” during this period. He frequently criticized his government from a left-wing perspective, particularly on issues such as medical billing practices and the foreign ownership of natural resources. On one occasion, he introduced a private member’s bill which would have forced all medical doctors to make their incomes public. He did not run for re-election in 1973, and did not seek a return to provincial politics after this time. He returned to teaching at the University of Manitoba where he was the program coordinator for the Labour and Workplace Studies Program, retiring in 2001. His son Noam Gonick is a noted Canadian film director.

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