Ecology and Social Work

Toward a New Paradigm

By John Coates  

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Social work, with few exceptions, has neglected to give serious consideration to the consequences of environmental devastation and the changes which a shift toward ecological sustainability will demand. If it is to remain viable, social work must become a positive pro-active force in the creation of a socially just and sustainable community. Coates critiques the assumptions, values and beliefs of the dominant world view which supports most economic and social activity. He reviews and critiques social work’s major theoretical frameworks and introduces and articulates a new world view, which provides a solid theoretical foundation for both social work education and a professional practice.

Here is a new vision for social work, which is inclusive and holistic, and replaces the current self-centred and anti-collectivist paradigm with a mutually beneficial community-focused one.

“The author addresses one of the most important of contemporary issues and manages to maintain a good balance between passion and reason.”

— Ramesh Mishra, York University

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  • Introduction
  • Part I: A New Paradigm Modernity’s Unfulfilled Promise: From Dream to Destruction
  • The Domesticated Profession: Social Work as Co-Dependent
  • The Unfolding Universe: A New Look at a Very Old Story
  • New Roots for Social Work
  • Part II: Transformation Toward Global Consciousness
  • Transforming the Social in Social Work
  • Exploring New Directions for Policy and Action
  • Toward Social Transformation
  • Endnotes
  • Bibliography
  • Index


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