Cuba–U.S. Relations

Obama and Beyond

By Arnold August  

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The evolution of the relationship between Cuba and the United States is much more complicated from the Cuban perspective than it is made to appear in mainstream media and political thinking. In this book, Arnold August highlights critical views from Cuba that are generally unfamiliar to non-Cubans.

August outlines and analyzes current interactions and the future perspectives between the two neighbours. Included with August’s careful analysis are interviews with five of Cuba’s leading intellectuals, providing readers with a unique look into today’s dynamic and complex relationship between these two countries.

An expert on Cuba, Arnold August offers a revealing view of the conflict between Washington and Havana and the foreign policy of the United States vis-à-vis the island.

— Salim Lamrani, PhD Sorbonne Paris IV University,  lecturer at the University of La Réunion

Any open-minded discussion about the obviously asymmetrical relations between Cuba and the United States should start with this highly readable informative book. Based on deep research, including use of historical U.S. government documents and extensive field work inside Cuba, it should be acquired by libraries, students, and people about to travel to Cuba, journalists, government employees, and academics working in international affairs.

— James D. Cockcroft, three-time Fulbright scholar, Honorary Editor Latin American Perspectives

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  • Foreword — Too Interconnected to Be Unravelled by Keith Ellis
  • Preface — This Book Comes into Being
  • Introduction — Not One Iota, by Ricardo Alarcón de Quesada
  • Historical/Political Context: From the Thirteen Colonies to the Obama Era
  • Debate in Cuba Following Re-establishment of Diplomatic Relations, 2014-16
  • Interviews with Five of Cuba’s Leading Experts on Cuba–U.S. Relations
  • Challenges for Cuba in 2017 and Beyond
  • The Blockade: From Obama to Trump
  • Fidel and the U.S.-Led Cultural Blitzkrieg on “Dictatorship”
  • References
  • Index


  • Arnold August

    Arnold August has an M.A. in political science from McGill University, Montreal, where he resides. His books include Cuba and Its Neighbours: Democracy in Motion (Fernwood Publishing/Zed Books, 2013), Cuba-U.S. Relations: Obama and Beyond (Fernwood, 2017). An accomplished journalist, he contributes articles in English and Spanish to websites in the United States, Canada, Cuba, Latin America and Europe. Since 1997, he has spent extended periods in Cuba pursuing his intensive investigations.