Critical Perspectives on Social Control and Social Regulation in Canada

Edited by Mitch Daschuk, Carolyn Brooks and James Popham  

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How does social regulation shape who is “deviant” and who is “normal”?

Critical Perspectives on Social Control and Social Regulation in Canada is an introduction to the sociology of what has traditionally been called deviance and conformity. This book shifts the focus from individuals labelled deviant to the political and economic processes that shape marginalization, power and exclusion. Class, gender, race and sexuality are the bases for understanding deviance, and it is within these relations of power that the labels “deviant” and “normal” are socially developed and the behaviours of those less powerful become regulated.

This textbook introduces readers to theories and critiques of traditional approaches to deviance and conformity. Using vivid and timely examples of contemporary social regulation and control, this textbook brings to life how forces of social control and marginalization interact with social media, sex work, immigration, anti-colonialism, digital surveillance and social movements, and much more. Theories and critiques are clarified with summaries, definitions, rich illustrative examples, discussion questions, recommended resources and test banks for instructors.

  • Sociology
  • ISBN: 9781773631196
  • Forthcoming November 2019
  • 380 Pages
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  • The Study of Social Control (M.D. Daschuk and James F. Popham)
  • Classical Notes on Norms, Deviance and Identity (M.D. Daschuk)
  • Defining Deviance, Critical, Feminist and Anti-Oppressive Theories of Social Control (Carolyn Brooks)
  • Research Methods, Statistics and Listening to Unheard Voices (James F. Popham)
  • Conditions, Claims and Social Problems Frames (Sean P. Hier)
  • The History and Continuing Repercussions of Canadian Drug Rhetoric (M.D. Daschuk)
  • Social Control of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer Plus People in Canada (Carolyn Brooks and Kirby Brigden)
  • The Construction of Disability in Canadian Immigration Policy as a Means of Social Control (Edward Hon-Sing Wong and Thania Vega)
  • Contextualizing Resiliency Through the Lens of Marginalized Youth (Kandis Boyko and M.D. Daschuk)
  • On the Changing Nature of Claims-Making, Audience Engagement and Social Regulation (Sean P. Hier)
  • Museums, Policing and the Fairy Tale of “Crime” (Matthew Ferguson)
  • The Social Control of Sex Work (Carolyn Brooks and Karen Wood)
  • Social Control, Settler Colonialism and Representations of Violence Against Indigenous Women (Danielle Bird and Julie Kaye)
  • Social and Panoptic Regulation Through Digital Technologies (James F. Popham)
  • National Security, Surveillance and the Reproduction of Colonial Understandings of Indigenous Sovereignty in Canada (Scott Thompson)
  • A Feminist Perspective on Drone Privacy Regulation (Kristen M.J. Thomassen)
  • Policing Social Movements That Resist Extractive Capitalism (Jeffrey Monaghan and Kevin Walby)
  • Observations on Social Movements in the Digital Age (M.D. Daschuk)
  • References
  • Index


  • Mitch Daschuk

    Mitch Daschuk earned a PhD from the University of Saskatchewan. His research focuses on the construction of youth subcultures, punk rock ideology and the representational politics that inform prevalent understandings of criminality and dangerousness.

  • Carolyn Brooks


    Carolyn Brooks is an assistant professor of sociology at the University of Saskatchewan. Her research and publications focus on youth resilience, the politics of punishment, violence, and visual and community based participatory research methods.

  • James Popham

    James Popham is an assistant professor in the Department of Criminology at Wilfrid Laurier University, where he researches issues of cyber criminality, technology and social empowerment.

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