Critical Inquiries

A Reader in Studies of Canada

Edited by Lynn Caldwell, Darryl Leroux and Carrianne Leung  

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This book takes a bold, critical approach to Canadian studies, framing Canada as an ongoing colonial project. The contributors assess how policy programs, such as multiculturalism and national arts funding and cultural monuments and symbols, such as the Famous Five Monument, the Tunnels of Moose Jaw and Saskatchewan’s Centennial, are all shaped within this colonial matrix. Furthermore, the contributors in this collection argue that the making of Canada as an extension of British-European colonialism has celebrated whiteness and has subjugated racialized others to the dominant group’s economic, cultural and societal norms.

“As a critical Canadian studies unmasks, unearths, repositions, rereads, reworks and remakes, it also works to produce new modes of relational logics and conditions in which the intimacies that European colonial expansion produced for us might be refashioned.”

— Rinaldo Walcott, from the Foreword

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  • “…is a useful text…”

    — Andrew Nurse (Mount Allison University) (full review)


  • Contributors
  • Foreword (Rinaldo Walcott)
  • Building a Space for Critical Canadian Studies (Lynn Caldwell, Darryl Leroux & Carrianne Leung)
  • Part I. Multiculturalism, Difference and the Politics of Diversity The Bilingual Limits of Canadian Multiculturalism (Eve Haque)
  • Arts Funding, the State and Canadian Nation-Making (Andrea Fatona)
  • The Many Paradoxes of Race in Québec: Civilization, Laïcité and Gender Inequality (Darryl Leroux)
  • Theorizing Multicultural Jewish Identity in Canada (Michele Byers & Stephanie Tara Schwartz)
  • Part II. Space, Place and Territory Chinese Canada in Moose Jaw: A Story Told in Two Parts (Carrianne Leung)
  • Unsettling the Middle Ground: Could the World Use a More Questionable Saskatchewan? (Lynn Caldwell)
  • Home at the Bridge: Indigenous Belonging and the Settler Border (Robinder Kaur Sehdev)
  • Part III. Symbols of Sameness In the Shoes of the Other: Reclaiming Authenticity from Colonial Logics of Difference (Damien Lee)
  • Homonormativity and the Loss of Queer: Re-contextualizing Canada’s Sexual Politics (Oren Howlett)
  • Monumental Performances: The Famous Five, Gendered Whiteness and the Making of Canada’s Colonial Present (Mary-Jo Nadeau)
  • Afterword (Sherene Razack)
  • References
  • Index


  • Lynn Caldwell

    Lynn Caldwell is an instructor at the University of Saskatchewan and St. Andrew’s College.

  • Carrianne Leung

    Carrianne Leung is a sessional lecturer at the Ontario College of Art and Design University.

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